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Mag Extra is a unique blend of four highly absorbable forms of magnesium, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Our specialised formula is designed to promote healthy muscle function and alleviate muscular cramps resulting from inadequate magnesium intake. Additionally, our blend reduces the formation of free radicals in the body, increases energy levels, and supports optimal nervous system function and mood balance.

Mag Extra Benefits:

  • Magnesium plays a vital role in numerous bodily functions, including energy production, muscle and nerve function, and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. 
  • When combined with D-Ribose, a sugar molecule involved in ATP production, Mag Extra enhances energy levels and promotes cardiovascular health. 
  • P5P, the active form of vitamin B6, supports proper neurotransmitter function and helps regulate mood and sleep patterns. 
  • Malic acid is known for its ability to enhance energy production by participating in the Krebs cycle, which generates ATP in the body. 
  • Lastly, L-Glutamine, an essential amino acid, supports muscle recovery, immune function, and digestive health. 

The combination of these elements creates a powerful synergy that promotes optimal energy production, muscle recovery, cognitive function, and overall metabolic health. Additionally, this complex may assist
in reducing muscle fatigue, improving exercise performance, and promoting a healthy immune response. Regular supplementation of magnesium complex with D-Ribose, P5P, Malic Acid, and L-Glutamine can provide a valuable support system for individuals seeking to optimise their health and vitality.

Mag Extra combines 4 of the most absorbable and digestive-friendly forms of magnesium: 

Magnesium glycinate This form of magnesium has increased bioavailability, digestibility, taste, and efficacy compared to other forms. It is known for its calming properties as it is bound to a glycine molecule. This form of magnesium has been shown to support heart health, muscle function, and relieve muscle cramps and mild muscle spasms. This non-acidic, buffered form of vitamin C is a natural neutral salt that has significantly higher gastrointestinal tolerance compared to other forms of vitamin C.  

Magnesium Citrate This highly absorbable form of magnesium provides nutritional support for healthy muscle function. It is a blend of magnesium citrate and calcium citrate. 

Magnesium Orotate This form of magnesium has been shown to support heart health, muscle function, and relieve muscle cramps and mild muscle spasms. 

Magnesium Ascorbate This non-acidic, buffered form of vitamin C is a natural neutral salt that has significantly higher gastrointestinal tolerance compared to other forms of vitamin C. 


IngredientsAmount per dose
Magnesium citrate1.126g
   equiv. magnesium169mg
Magnesium glycinate270mg
   equiv. magnesium54mg
Magnesium orotate174.5mg
   equiv. magnesium11mg
Magnesium ascorbate100mg
   equiv. magnesium6mg
Total Magnesium240mg
Glutamine Ribose750 mg
Potassium citrate175 mg
   equiv. potassium104.5mg
Pyridoxal 5-phosphate monohydrate40mg
   equiv. pyridoxine (Vit B6)4.5mg
   equiv. selenium90mcg
Chromium picolinate36.21mcg
   equiv. chromium200mcg


Adults: Mix one level teaspoon (5g) into 200ml of water. Consume once or twice daily, or as directed by your health professional.


Keep out of reach of children. Mag Extra contains selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose for adults of 150 micrograms of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded. Contains sugar. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your health professional before use. Not suitable for use in children under the age of 12 months, except on health professional advice. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Do not use if tamper evident seal is broken or missing. Refrigerate after opening. Store below 25°C.

How Mag Extra can help me?

Mag Extra supports energy levels, relieves tiredness and fatigue and aids in the relief of muscular cramps and mild spasm associated with inadequate magnesium intake.

What is magnesium, and why is it important to maintain the right levels in my body?

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in numerous biochemical processes within the body. It is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions, including energy production, muscle function, nerve transmission, and bone health. Magnesium also supports cardiovascular health, regulates blood sugar levels, and contributes to the synthesis of DNA and proteins. Despite its importance, many people may not obtain enough magnesium from their diet alone, making supplementation beneficial for maintaining optimal health and well-being.

What makes Mag Extra different?

Mag Extra stands out with its unique blend of four magnesium forms: citrate, glycinate, orotate, and ascorbate, ensuring comprehensive support and optimal absorption. Additionally, it contains synergistic nutrients like glutamine, ribose, potassium citrate, pyridoxal 5-phosphate, selenomethionine, and chromium picolinate, enhancing overall health and metabolic processes. Mag Extra offers a convenient and effective solution for comprehensive magnesium supplementation.

Can I take Mag Extra during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often entail significant adjustments for your body, diet, and beauty regimen. It's crucial to consult a trusted healthcare practitioner before incorporating any supplement into your routine, including our Mag Extra product.

Should I take the formula with food, or on an empty stomach?

It is recommended to take Mag Extra with food.

Is the Micronutrition Mag Extra formula vegan?

Yes, it is made with 100% vegan ingredients and contains no animal products.

What’s in Mag Extra?

Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Orotate, Magnesium Ascorbate, Glutamine, Ribose, Potassium Citrate, Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate, Selenomethionine, and Chromium Picolinate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Micronutrition Cartidyss Plus Collagen

Since I started using this collagen my nails are stronger and grow faster and there’s less hair fall. The capsules are easier to use than messy powders. Will continue to use and would highly recommend.

Micronutrition Mag Extra Powder

I agree the powder form of magnesium is more readily absorbed by the body and seems to give faster results. The benefits I have experienced so far are reduced pain in my legs and better sleep every night.

Marta Gajda
Amazing product

A valuable alternative to prescription medicine, worth trying for those seeking a good night's sleep, absolutely a game changer for me.

Epic product!

Have been suffering from severe cramps recently and this has saved me. Can now train and be active for longer, thank you!! 🙏🏽


I started using marine collagen for skin benefits, and have noticed my skin is more hydrated than ever, but it’s my nails that have really surprised me. They're strong and grow so fast. I've settled on this one as the only collagen product I purchase now.

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