Cartidyss® Marine Collagen: The New Must-Have Ingredient for Beauty and Wellness

Cartidyss® Marine Collagen: The New Must-Have Ingredient for Beauty and Wellness

Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up about 30% of all protein mass?!1 That means a 70 kg adult contains about 4 kg of collagen!2

What is collagen? And why do we need collagen?

Collagen is a vital protein in our bodies that is the main component of skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons and ligaments, providing structure, strength and elasticity. Think of collagen as the body's natural scaffold, keeping everything firm and flexible. Without it, your skin would sag, your joints would ache and your bones would become brittle.

As we age, our body's collagen production naturally decreases and maintaining natural collagen levels becomes increasingly challenging. This decline leads to a decrease in skin elasticity and joint flexibility, with visible signs of ageing such as:

  • sagging and wrinkled skin
  • brittle nails and thinning hair
  • loss of bone density
  • joint stiffness and pain. 

Environmental factors like sun exposure, pollution and poor diet can speed up collagen breakdown, making the signs of ageing appear even sooner than we would like. That's why maintaining healthy collagen levels is crucial for looking and feeling your best.

How is Cartidyss® marine collagen different to other collagen supplements?

Cartidyss® marine collagen stands out from other collagens due to its unique sourcing and processing methods, which offer several advantages over traditional collagen supplements.

Sustainably-sourced and quality-controlled

Cartidyss® marine type II collagen is derived from fish cartilage, predominantly sourced from the pristine coastal waters off Brittany, France, specifically selected from sustainable marine sources, ensuring superior quality.3 This makes it an eco-friendlier option compared to traditional bovine or porcine collagen forms.4

Cartidyss® marine collagen undergoes rigorous testing for heavy metal content, microbiological factors, purity and safety, meeting and surpassing the stringent standards set by the European Regulations and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Better absorption

Marine collagen, like Cartidyss®, is known for its superior absorption. Its smaller molecular size means it can be more easily digested and used by the body.5 This enhanced bioavailability ensures that more collagen peptides reach your skin, joints and other connective tissues where they’re needed most​​.

Proven results

Cartidyss® marine collagen isn’t just hype – it’s backed by science that shows Cartidyss® supports hydration and elasticity, and improves signs of chronological and photo-ageing skin changes.5,6

Cartidyss® metabolites help to increase the production of elastin by 40%, in turn aiding in the maintenance of elasticity, firmness and deep hydration of the skin. They also slow down the breakdown of collagen, suggesting a protective action that also facilitates the skin healing processes.6

In a clinical study, with 46 healthy women aged 45 - 59 years old, those who took just 500 mg a day of Cartidyss® for 90 days experienced a noticeable reduction in wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and better skin structure. Participants also reported feeling more hydrated and having firmer skin.5

This double-blind randomised placebo-controlled study showed Cartidyss® significantly reduced wrinkles (by 26%) and smoothed skin texture, thanks to its effects on the deeper layers of the skin, showing a reduction in the number of fine and large pores. Cartidyss® also significantly improved the skin dermis density (+38%), thickness (+10%) and hydration, as well as improving collagen structure.5

Beyond skin deep, Cartidyss® marine collagen also supports joint health. It contains collagen peptides and chondroitin sulfate, which help maintain healthy cartilage and reduce joint discomfort. It has been found that 1000 mg of Cartidyss® daily significantly improves mobility and joint comfort, and reduces pain. It also has a significant impact on the quality of life, highlighted by an improvement of physical health and function.7 This makes it an excellent choice not just for beauty enthusiasts but also for those looking to stay active and pain-free​​.

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This article was written by Stephanie Berglin, Nutritionist and Herbalist



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