Protein Dream: the Many Benefits of Marine Collagen

Protein Dream: the Many Benefits of Marine Collagen

Author: Corinne Wyper


What is Collagen?

You’ve probably heard of collagen before, but you might be wondering what it’s actually made up of. What are collagen peptides? And, why does everyone keep talking about them? 

Collagen is a protein-based molecule, meaning it is made up of the building blocks of protein, called amino acids. It strengthens and supports the structure of connective tissue all over the body, including in the dermal layer of the skin, helping the skin to look firm and healthy.1 

Collagen peptides are broken down portions of whole collagen which are more easily absorbed and digested in the body than whole collagen.2

How is Collagen Absorbed in the Body?

Collagen needs to be broken down into collagen peptides and amino acids before it is absorbed by the digestive system. Once broken down by the stomach, the amino acids then enter the bloodstream and are delivered to connective tissue, such as the dermal layer of the skin, where they works their magic! 

The body cannot absorb collagen in its whole form 3, so it can be helpful to take a supplement which contains collagen with a minimum of 60% collagen peptides for optimal absorption and therapeutic effect.

What’s All This About Marine Collagen?

In supplement form, collagen can be derived from animal or marine (from the sea) sources. Marine collagen is very popular as it is has a lower environmental impact than animal sourced collagen.

How is Marine Collagen Made?

Marine collagen is generally made from the skin of fish. A superior form of marine collagen, called Cartidyss®, is comprised of a unique composition of collagen peptides derived from local natural bioresources, and is made via a water extraction process without solvents or preservatives. 4,5

Where is Marine Collagen Sourced From?

Cartidyss® is a non-GMO type II marine collagen sourced sustainably from fish co-products intended for human consumption, from the pristine coastal waters of Brittany, France. 4,5

Are Marine Collagen Peptides Better than Bovine?

So, why use marine collagen over bovine? Well, marine collagen has a lower impact on the environment than bovine, or cow derived, sources of collagen. 5 It’s also thought to be broken down into smaller collagen peptides which may increase its absorption when compared to other animal sources, including bovine collagen peptides.

Benefits of Marine Collagen

You might be wondering, are marine collagen peptides good for you? And the answer is a resounding, yes! Here are some of the benefits in females of Cartidyss® marine collagen:

  • Improves skin firmness
  • Supports skin elasticity
  • Promotes skin hydration
  • Maintains skin and collagen health
  • Supports skin integrity 6,7

The ideal dose of marine collagen per day to see benefits for skin health is 500mg of Cartidyss® type II marine collagen. 4 The best time to take marine collagen is thought to be first thing in the morning with the first meal, as this increases its absorption (although more research needs to be performed to confirm this).

Who Should Take Marine Collagen?

Anyone looking to improve their skin firmness and hydration, or support their skin elasticity, skin integrity and health is definitely a candidate for Cartidyss® marine collagen. But is there some who should not use marine collagen? Anybody who has an allergy to shellfish or fish products should avoid taking marine collagen.

Can Marine Collagen Cause Side Effects?

Marine collagen has a good safety profile, and unless you have a sensitivity or allergy to shellfish or fish products, you shouldn’t expect to experience any adverse effects.

Can collagen cause constipation/ bloating/upset stomach? There are some anecdotal reports of collagen supplements causing some digestive upset, however this is most likely due to other additives or ingredients in the formula, rather than the collagen itself. In fact, collagen has been found to be beneficial for bloating and mild digestive disturbances. 8

Marine Collagen Supplements Australia

Collagen supplements are a great way to get bang for your buck for targeted collagen supplementation. Consider taking a collagen supplement such as Micronutrition Cartidyss® Plus, with Cartidyss® marine collagen to improve skin firmness and hydration, and support elasticity, skin and collagen health, plus skin integrity. Cartidyss® is non-GMO, solvent-free form of marine collagen and contains >62% collagen peptides.

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


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